Boaters in the USA can now subscribe to two Marine Weather services - SiriusXM and GRIB View Weather app which deliver up-to-date weather reports and more directly to your Raymarine multifunction display. S000023 Phụ Kiện Cho Máy Định Vị Đa Năng Số lượng: 1 Cái

Marine Weather for Raymarine Multifunction Displays

SiriusXM and GRIB Viewer Weather

Changing weather conditions can have a huge impact on your boating plans. Raymarine offers two different options to keep you up-to-date with the latest weather reports and forecasts. Our new GRIB Viewer Global Weather service enables you to download GRIB weather forecasts right to your Internet-connected MFD. Boaters in North America can also choose SiriusXM Marine Weather, delivered via satellite.

US Weather

SiriusXM Marine Weather

Subscribe to SiriusXM Satellite Weather and enjoy detailed weather forecasts, NOWRad weather radar, and much more, all delivered instantly to your Raymarine Multifunction Display. Weather data can be displayed in its own dedicated app alongside your navigation date, or you can choose to overlay NOWRad Doppler weather radar on your live chartplotter display.



GRIB Viewer - Global Weather

The new GRIB Viewer Global Weather app brings access to global weather forecasts to your Raymarine Multifunction Displays. Using the Wi-Fi access point in your MFD, GRIB Viewer can connect to the subscription-based Theyr Digital Precision Weather service whenever you have internet access available. GRIB graphical weather forecasts can be downloaded and stored on the MFD’s microSD or internal memory for use out on the water. You can even try out the full system FREE for 30 days, right from your MFD.


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