Máy dò cá chất lượng cao RVX1000 3D + CHIRP

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MỚI! Máy Dò Cá Thế Hệ Mới RVX1000 3D + CHIRP
Máy dò cá chất lượng cao RVX1000 3D + CHIRP
CP370 - Digital Sonar Module

The RVX1000 cung cấp những tính năng Sonar cao cấp của máy dò Raymarine Axiom Pro trong một hộp đèn gắn rời. Với công nghệ Sonar RealVision 3D, CHIRP Side, DownVision, công với 2 kênh sonar CHIRP công suất cao, RVX1000 là giải pháp dò cá toàn diện cho đánh bắt gần và xa bờ.

Sharper, Clutter Free Targets

Spend less time looking for fish and more time fishing

  • Smarter target intensity controls reveal bait and game fish with exceptional clarity
  • Enhanced digital filtering reveals fish targets through the entire water column
  • Spend less time looking for fish, and more time fishing. CP370 takes the guesswork out of interpreting the sonar display.
CP370 A12 (1)

go deeper
Go Deeper

Next generation ClearPulse™ sonar

  • Up to 1,000 watts of power to track the sea floor down to 5,000 feet (1,500m)
  • High performance dual-frequency (50/200 kHz) sonar for coastal and offshore fishing

Key Features
fish targets

Sharper Fish Targets


Enhanced Automatic Sensitivity Control

noise reduction

Better Noise Reduction

bottom tracking

Enhanced Bottom Tracking

Accurate Bottom Tracking

New and improved bottom tracking

  • Track the bottom in extreme conditions with advanced ClearPulse™ signal processing
  • New and improved bottom tracking algorithms deliver reliable performance in challenging conditions like running at high speeds and transitioning across canyons.
accurate bottom tracking
Raymarine CP370 Specifications & Ordering Information
  CP370 front
Part Number: Description:
E70297 CP370 Digital Sonar
Recommended for Coastal Fishing
Sonar Performance
Sonar Type Digital
Power 600W / 1000W Depending on transducer
Frequency & Channels Fixed frequency 50KHz and 200KHz channels
Depth Range 5000ft. (1,500m)
  ClearPulse™ automatic noise filtering and auto sensitivity control
  Standard Zoom
Waterproofing Standard IPX6 Waterproof
Compatibility aSeries | cSeries | eSeries | New eS Series | gS Series | C-Widescreen | G-Series- Classic | E-Classic | E-Widescreen
Nominal Supply Voltage 12/24 V DC
Power Consumption 30.6W (Maximum)
Connections Power connection | Network connection (RayNet connector) 10/100 Mb/s | Transducer connection
Weight 3.16lbs (1.435kg)
Unit Dimensions
CP370 User Documents
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