Advanced Thermal Night Vision Cameras

The FLIR MV-/MU-Series is an advanced thermal night vision Camera equipped with an uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) detector that produces remarkable thermal images of 640 x 480 pixels.

S000055 Raymarine & FLIR Thermal Cameras Số lượng: 1 Cái
FLIR MV-/MU-Series

Key Features

  • Pan/Tilt enables you to continuously pan 360° and tilt +/- 90°, enhancing situational awareness
  • Active gyro-stabilization provides steady, long-range imaging — even in rough seas
  • Radar tracking identifies and tracks specified radar returns, enhancing vessel safety when visibility is low
  • Video tracking locks on and follows objects as long as they’re in view of camera
  • Picture-in Picture mode (PIP) displays images from two sensors at once, one full screen and the other as a smaller inset
  • Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) assures a crisp thermal image, even in scenes with extreme temperature dynamics


Thermal Specifications
Detector Type Focal Plane Array (FPA), Cooled MWIR 640 × 512 pixels LWIR 640 × 480 VOx Microbolometer
Video Refresh Rate NTSC 30 Hz
Field of View1 Continuous Optical Zoom WFOV 28° × 22.4° to NFOV 2° × 1.6° (PAL) WFOV 25.3° × 18.5° to NFOV 4.1° × 3.1° (PAL)
Focal Length 25-150 mm
Optical Zoom Continuous Optical Zoom, 28× optical zoom
Image Processing FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement
Visible Color Camera
Lines of Resolution 550 TV Lines
Minimum Illumination 0.25 Lux
Field of View ~56° to 2° (H)
Lowlight B/W Camera
Lines of Resolution N/A 570 TV Lines N/A 570 TV Lines
Minimum Illumination N/A 0.0002 Lux (front plate) N/A 0.0002 Lux (front plate)
Field of View N/A Manual/AF N/A 25° to 2.5° (H) 10× optical zoom
System Specifications
Az. Range; Az. Velocity

El. Range; El. Velocity
Continuous 360° panning, proportional speed to 60°/s, 60°/s on home command
Normal Installation (Ball up): +/-90°, proportional speed to 35°/s. Inverted Installation (Ball down): +/-90°, proportional speed to 35°/s
LOS Gyrostabilization
Video Output NTSC or PAL
Connector Types Analog BNC x2, Digital Video via Ethernet
Camera Head Output Power to JCU: Power over Ethernet (PoE) per IEEE 802.3af, 48V mode B PoE, RJ 45 connector
Tracking Modes Target (Correlation, Centroid) and Scene Electronic Stabilization
Power Requirements 12 VDC to 24 VDC (-10%/+30% per IEC 60945)
Consumption 100 W nominal; 200 W max 75 W nominal; 200 W max
Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature Range -32°C to +55°C 
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +70°C 
Automatic Window Defrost Standard
Water Ingress Rating IPX6
Shock 9g vertical, 9g horizontal
Camera Weight 60 lbs
Camera Size 20” wide × 17.9” tall (nominal)
Range Performance
Detect Man 2.3 nm (Target size: 1.8m × 0.5m)
Detect Small Vessel 6.8 nm (Target size: 4.0m × 1.5m)
Warranty 1 Year
Standard Package Contents Camera Head with 18-inch Pigtails for Power, Analog Video x2, and Ethernet; Joystick Control Unit; Operator Manual, Low Smoke/Zero Halogen Ethernet Cable

1Field of View describes the angular measure of a scene imaged with the given pixel array, expressed as degrees in horizontal by vertical directions.

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