Configure eSeries as a single all-in-one chart, radar, and sonar navigation display or expand into a navigation network with multiple displays, CHIRP sonar, thermal night vision and more. eSeries HybridTouch display allows simple touch screen control or take command with the rotary Unicontroller and keypad – the choice is yours.

Screen Sizes: 7.0" | 9.0" | 12.1" | 15.4"

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Network Multifunction Displays - Chartplotter, Radar, Fishfinder, Thermal and much more...

Harness the full power of Raymarine navigation technologies with eSeries multifunction displays. From the award winning e7 to the big screen e165, Raymarine eSeries displays are the perfect fit. eSeries HybridTouch displays allow simple touch screen control. Or take command with the rotary Unicontroller and keypad - the choice is yours.

4 eseries displays 1

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  • Available in 4 sizes - 7", 9", 12.1" or 15.4"
  • Sunlight viewable, optically bonded display for sharp color and contrast.
  • Low power consuming LED backlighting
  • Dual core processor and a dedicated graphics processor delivers quick redraws and fast response

Powered by LightHouse II

Designed for the way boaters think, Raymarine's exclusive LightHouse User Interface (UI), offers an incredibly easy-to-use navigation experience. LightHouse intuitively places frequently used navigation functions right at your fingertips.

With just a few swipes of the LightHouse home screen you will quickly become an expert.

e12 and e9 LH2 Group

Free LightHouse updates are available every few months. Make sure you are up to date with the latest features by installing the latest software.

View the latest software update here

e12 dual split(1)  

LightHouse makes it easy to customize the display with full or split screen windows of charting, radar, sonar and much more.

Configure your eSeries as a single station display or create a multi-station network with up to eight LightHouse II powered displays.

Superior Built-in Digital Sonar (optional)

Choose built-in Digital sonar or step up to more power and high resolution CHIRP sonar technology with optional sonar modules.

e7D, e97 and e127 are equipped with a 600 Watt digital sonar.

All eSeries models can be networked with Digital, CHIRP and CHIRP DownVision sonar modules. 

e7 sonar  

The Best Charts

The eSeries Multifunction Display gives you the choice of Navionics, C-MAP by Jeppesen or Raymarine LightHouse compatible charts..

Navionics Charts

Navionics Cartography

Raster Chart

Raymarine US waters raster chart

cmap mdf

C-MAP by Jeppesen Charts

Learn more about Raymarine MFD cartography options

Visit the LightHouse Charts Download Centre to download free charts

Raymarine anywhere onboard

Built-in Wi-Fi

Take control of eSeries from your tablet or smartphone using built-in Wi-Fi and Raymarine mobile apps.

View your chartplotter, sonar, radar, engine data and thermal night vision from anywhere onboard, right in the palm of your hand.

Learn more about Raymarine apps

e12 and Tablet(1)
Raymarine eSeries Specifications
Dimensions updated
  e7 / e7D e95 / e97 e125 / e127 e165
A (Width) 9.17in (233mm) 11.4in (289.6mm) 13.93in (353.6mm) 16.8in (426mm)
B (Height) 5.67in (144mm) 6.81in (173.1mm) 8.74in (222mm) 11.1in (281.4mm)
C 1.18in (30mm) 1.24in (31.4mm) 1.26in (31.9mm) 1.24in (31.4mm)
D 63.5mm (2.5in) 63.9mm (2.5in) 68.9mm (2.71in) 69.8mm (2.75in)
E 6.97in (177mm) 8.35in (212mm) 10.1in (256.5mm) 11.5in (292mm)
F 6.29in (160mm) 6.29in (160mm) 6.29in (160mm) 6.29in (160mm)
Nominal voltage 12v / 24v DC
(e7/e7D: 13.8v DC)
Operating voltage range 10.8 - 31.2v DC
(e7/e7D: 10.2 - 15.6v DC)
Power consumption at full brightness e7: 10 W | e7D: 13.8 W 16 W maximum 36W maximum 45 W maximum
Viewing angles 70° left/right and 70°/50° top/bottom 80° left/right and 80°/60° top/bottom 80° left/right and 70°/70° top/bottom
Screen resolution 800 x 480 pixels 1280 x 800 pixels
Weight e7: 3.23lb (1.465kg)
e7D: 3.42lb (1.550kg)
e95: 4.77lb (2.165kg)
e97: 4.99lb (2.265kg)
e125: 7.32lb (3.320kg)
e127: 7.6lb (3.450kg)
e165: 12.3lb (5.6kg)
Networking Up to 8 displays plus sensors
Mounting options Surface mount. Trunnion mount with optional bracket
Operating temperature 13° to 131°F (-25° to 55°C)
Waterproofing IPX6 and IPX7


SeaTalkhs (Network) Connectivity 1x SeaTalkhs port. 100Mbits/s. RayNet type 2x SeaTalkhs ports. 100Mbits/s. RayNet type
NMEA2000 Connectivity 1x SeaTalkng connector
NMEA0183 Connectivity 1x Input and output, 1x input only (4800/38,400 Baud)
Wireless Connectivity WiFi: 802.11 b/g; Bluetooth: AVRCP 2.1+EDR power class 1.5
Video All displays have x1 BNC (female) composite video input connector (PAL/NTSC formats).
e95, e97, e125, e127 & e165 displays have a second BNC input plus x1 VGA output via accessory cable (sold separately).
Support for IP cameras.

GPS and Cartography

GPS Built-in 50 channels; WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS. (e165 requires external GPS sensor)
Cartography Support for Navionics, C-MAP by Jeppesen and Raymarine LightHouse chart formats on microSD cards

Sonar (available on e7D, e97 and e127)

Sonar ClearPulse with 50/83/200 kHz operating frequencies up to 600W RMS. Sonar transducer port.

In the box

Typical box contents
Whats in the box
1 Sun Cover
2 Front bezel
3 Multifunction Display
4 Gasket
5 Fixings for surface mounting
6 Documentation pack
7 Power and data cable
8 Trunnion bracket kit (e7 only - not illustrated)
eSeries User Manuals & Documents
Raymarine eSeries Ordering Information

Raymarine e165 HybridTouchTM 15.4" Multifunctional Display


Since the e165 is a larger boat network system product, it is not equipped with an internal GPS so please remember to plan for a Raystar 130 GPS with any e165 installation.

If you would like to introduce sonar to your system then our CP450C CHIRP sonar module works perfectly with the e165 MFD. To add DownVision technology, take a look at the CP100 sonar module.

Part No. Description


E70025 e165 15.4" Multifunctional Display (no cartography)
E70025-LNC e165 15.4" Multifunction Display with US LightHouse Vector Charts
E70025-US e165 15.4" Multifunctional Display with US C-MAP Essentials
E70025-EU e165 15.4" Multifunctional Display with Navionics European Silver Cartography
E70025-CEUR e165 15.4" Multifunctional Display with European C-MAP Essentials
E70025-CROW e165 15.4" Multifunctional Display with Rest of World C-MAP Essentials
E70025-CANZ e165 15.4" Multifunctional Display with Aus & NZ C-MAP Essentials
E70025-DDB e165 15.4" Dual Display Bundle

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e Series Parts and Accessories
Part No. Description
E62351 RCU-3 Remote Control Unit
R70008 C90W/E90W Easy-Fit Upgrade Bezel
R70009 C120W/E120W Easy-Fit Upgrade Bezel
R70010 C80/E80 Classic Easy-Fit Upgrade Bezel
R70011 C120/E120 Classic Easy-Fit Upgrade Bezel
R70355      c/e Series metal trunnion kit (9" displays, replaces R70001)
R70356 c/e Series metal trunnion kit (12" displays, replaces R70002)
R70005 c/e Series suncover (9" displays)
R70007 c/e Series suncover (12" displays)
A80293 Rokk - Adjustable Deck Mount (for e7 only)
A80294 Rokk - Adjustable Rail Mount (for e7 only)
A80295 Rokk - Rail Mount (for e7 only)

Please see the eSeries manual for further details on parts and accessories that are available

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