Wi-Fi CHIRP DownVision™ Sonar S000034 Máy Định Vị Dragonfly Số lượng: 1 Cái
Wi-Fi CHIRP DownVision™ Sonar
Wireless Black Box Sonar for Smartphones and Tablets


Transform your smartphone into a powerful CHIRP DownVision sonar with Wi-Fish™. Simply download the free Wi-Fish app and connect using standard Wi-Fi and you will be streaming real time sonar right to your phone or tablet.

Connect and Share Wirelessly


Dragonfly PRO models feature built in Wi-Fi. Anglers can stream Dragonfly sonar data right to their smartphone or tablet with the Raymarine Wi-Fish™ mobile app.

The Wi-Fish mobile app puts Dragonfly sonar vision right in the palm of your hand, plus you can rewind and capture sonar images to share online with friends.

wi fish app

Wi-Fish App Now Available On iTunes  

Also Available on Google Play  

wi fish mobile  

stream sonar
Stream Real Time Sonar


  • Connect with the free Wi-Fish mobile app for iOS and Android devices (iOS7 or Android 4.0 min)
  • Pause, zoom, and rewind the sonar right on your phone
  • Save your favorite catch and share with friends online

Wi-Fish App Now Available On iTunes  

Also Available on Google Play  


Dragonfly PRO Now Compatible with Navionics Boating App and SonarChart™ Live

Generate up-to-date bathymetric charts on the fly with your Dragonfly PRO or Wi-Fish and the Navionics SonarChart™ Live app. Stream sonar to the Navionics Boating app and enjoy live sonar on your phone or tablet as you create your own personal bathymetric chart. Sonar Logs can also be updated to Navionics.com which are used to create SonarChart™ updates for Navionics cartography.

Navionics Boating with SonarChart™ Live is available now for Apple iOS devices, and coming soon for Android.


Wide-Spectrum CHIRP DownVision™

  • Award-winning wide-spectrum CHIRP DownVision™ sonar for photo-like images, high-speed tracking and better deep water resolution
  • Includes transom-mount CHIRP transducer with temperature sensor
downvision mount  

Mount Anywhere


The Wi-Fish™ compact ball-and-socket mounting system makes installation simple.
The mount is easy to upgrade to after market ball-and-socket mounting systems.

ball socket  

Dragonfly Aftermarket Accessories

RAM Mounts


For over two decades RAM Mounting Systems has been synonymous with quality and performance, and now their diverse product range includes after-market mounts for Raymarine Dragonfly 4 & 5, Wi-Fish and their transducers.

For more information visit RAM Mounts and search for Dragonfly.


Nocqua Battery Packs


NOCQUA’s proprietary 12V rechargeable power source for fish finders, depth finders and other electrical components. Open ended connectors adaptable for powering a variety of electronic devices including Raymarine Dragonfly.

For more information about the Nocqua Pro Power kit click here.

nocqua pack1
Nocqua kit


Click & Drag to Rotate

Raymarine Wi-Fish Specifications
Unit Dimensions  
wi fish dimensions

Care points:

• Allow enough room for unit angle adjustment.

• Allow enough head room to remove the unit from the bracket.

Transducer Dimensions  
transducer dimensions


• CPT-DV cable length is 4m (13.1 ft.)

Nominal Supply Voltage 12 V DC
Operating Voltage Range 10.8 V DC to 15.6 V DC
Power Consumption At Full Brightness 2.7W RMS
Connections Power / Transducer combined input
Waterproofing Standard IPX6 and IPX7
Sonar Type CHIRP DownVision™
Depth Range 600 ft (183m)
Warranty 1 Year Warranty*
Typical Box Contents
wi fish parts
  1 Display unit
  2 Locking collar
  3 Pivot ball
  4 M6 Hex bolt
  5 Display bracket base
  6 x3 M5 pozi-drive bolt
  7 x3 M5 washer
  8 x3 M5 locking nut
  9 Ratchet arm
  10 Mounting bracket
  11 M5 Hex ratchet bolt
  12 Ratchet plate
  13 Compression washer
  14 M5 washer
  15 M5 locking nut
  16 x3 Self tapping screws
  17 Documentation
  18 Transducer with combined power cable

*This Raymarine Global Limited Warranty does not have the effect of excluding or limiting the customer’s statutory rights under the applicable national legislation. This warranty complies with EU directive 1999/44/EC.

Wi-Fish User Documents
Raymarine Wi-Fish Ordering Information

Wi-Fish comes with CPT-DV Transom mount CHIRP DownVision™ transducer included.

  WI-FISH DownVision™
Part Number Description Price Buy Direct
E70290 Wi-Fish - Wi-Fi CHIRP DownVision™ Sonar $199.99  
Smartphone / Tablet Apps

Apple iOS App Wi-Fish App Now Available On iTunes

Android App Now Available on Google Play

Part Number / Description A80312 4m long extension cable
  A80330 Optional trolling motor adapter
  A80332 Thru-hull adapter cable (CPT-70 / CPT-80)
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